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Stay safe using your GoPro

Don’t get carried away or take risks with the camera
We often put our pursuit of art above all things, but putting it above our own personal safety and the safety of others is just plain stupid. There are many ways you can shoot and stay safe, here’s some advice on staying GoPro safe!

Prepare before you set off

The most logical thing to do is to tell someone where you are going, with whom and when you’ll be back. If your plans change, be sure to update the person with a text to keep them in the know. It’s advisable to never go off for a shoot without a fully charged phone battery, as it really could make the difference if you find yourself stranded somewhere or your car breaks down.

Check the weatherO8V24O0

Be sensible and make sure you always check the weather forecast for the day of the shoot, then pack your backpack and vehicle accordingly. So, if it’s going to rain, take waterproofs, a towel, and spare dry clothes and shoes. If the weather forecast predicts a scorcher of a day, be sure to pack plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat. For cold climates, extra thermal clothes and a thermos of a hot drink will be appreciated, plus keep a blanket, extra food and water, a torch and shovel in your car’s boot, just in case a small snow fl urry turns into a fully blown blizzard.

Shooting from heights

It doesn’t take a genius to know how to keep safe when shooting from heights, but there are sometimes things we just can’t predict, so we’re going to cover all the bases just in case. When using your camera on the top of a building, cliff  tops or a steep drop, pay more attention to the real world instead of watching the action through the LCD. Watch your footing and if you want to reach out over the edge as far as you can to get the shot, then use one of GoPro’s compatible mounts.

Wear protective clothing

Part of the attraction to GoPro products is that they are designed for adrenaline-fuelled sports and action-adventure lifestyles, but just because your camera can withstand a few knocks and scrapes, this is not to say that you can. Make sure you always wear the appropriate safety gear and put yourself fi rst; the GoPro can be replaced, but you certainly can’t.


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