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SEO and Why Is It Important for the Businesses in 2016 and Beyond


Search Engine Optimization is the very critical part of the business promotion and kind of unofficial advertising on the internet. Unofficial because it’s not really advertising, but it is acting that way. We could think of the SEO as a distribution of a cool, free and educational content that other people are searching for.

The results of properly executed SEO delivers first page rankings for the desired keywords. For example, if someone is looking for the information on how to grow the different types of vegetable in the small garden in the city, and you are the enthusiastic gardener having that kind of information on your blog, all you need to do is to implement SEO to make sure that your website is to be found in the Google. Preferably, your website needs first page rankings for as many relevant keywords as possible.

Literally, any kind of business can benefit from properly executed SEO campaign in these days.

Take the services just for instance, that people living in big cities would use a lot, such as plumber, cleaners, window cleaners, food delivery services, landscaping etc. All of these businesses benefit from being found in the search engines.

SEO is important not just for big businesses, but also for medium size and small businesses with a smaller budget. It’s not about how much the one spends on advertising and SEO company, but how it’s being done. Effective SEO campaign requires solid research, analysis, and planning before anything else. There are the factors that play a huge role in whether the website will rank on the first page for the desired keywords quickly, or if it will take much more time and effort. The number one factor is the competition.

From the business to business, the level of competition varies. One of the indicators to determine the level of SEO competition is to see what is the average cost of PPC (pay-per-click) that advertisers are paying for the particular keywords. And of course, the higher PPC, the higher competition, the tougher it will be to get in the first page, or preferably the very first spot.

But this is not the only indicator of determining the ranking difficulty of desired keywords.

All of this is just scratching the surface, there is a lot more to know about search engine optimization in order to really benefit from it. It takes time and patience to continuously learn all the stuff and stay up to date with it because the rules are constantly changing, especially in Google. Every year they are coming with a better algorithm, and the main goal is to deliver the best user experience possible and

suppress the spam and hackers.

Let me make something clear here. The SEO has nothing to do with spamming or hacking anything. It’s the legitimate way of providing valuable services to business owners by distributing cool and informative content all around the web. That is why there are the experts that connect with businesses and consult their options and pricing for their marketing campaign.

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